On Street Fighter and Real Life

Today my 7-year-old niece made me play video games with her.

She chose Street Fighter, the one I used to play when I was her age, which is funny because I never managed to be good at fighting or whatever other games (except for Mario Bros, of course).

I started throwing moves, what obviously did not work, so I lost every f*** round. And worse: I was losing to my niece! Although we were fighting separetely, she could beat a lot of the guys that I could not.

I was surprised. Surprised and amused. She was even almost able to defeat Ryu.

I had forgotten just how much I hated him. Unsurprisingly, when he started doing damn super combos of hadouken one after another, especially when he had lost the last round, it did not take long to bring my unpleasant memories back. A real cheap.

This kind of behaviour reminded me somewhat of real life losers, who cannot play fair after being kicked out of some sort of dispute, so start getting all nervous and resorting to the most childish tactics.

The problem of dealing with these guys is that you just grow terribly angry and want to challenge them over and over and over, while you secretly wish you could be able to hit their faces instead of the buttons.

After a while being unable to defeat such a sore loser, but still going all over the process again, I realized that that was a very positive attitude we should adopt to real life when we come across people who cannot take their losses or a difficult situation.

Rather than using the same damn annoying moves, like overreacting to shut people up, ignoring, or even coming to physical assault terms everytime we hear a YOU LOSE, I wished most of us had the same eagerness in real life, I mean, that we would truly play the game by trying over and over until the situation is overcome.

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